I started using Crina’s services about a year and a half ago for some health problems that could not be explained by medical doctors. I found Crina was the first and only practitioner that really took the time to listen to me. I feel so comfortable around her, she has helped me tremendously and I will always go back to her. She truly cares about her patients, and it means a lot!

Janis – from Mississauga

What a unique chance to see my blood with all the red cells dancing – being alive, and also some “bad guys” (toxins) interrupting their healthy dance. What I saw during the live blood cell analysis was so obvious that I will do everything possible to get rid of the toxins we accumulate! Crina helped me so much in this process – explaining in depth, sharing her ‘secrets’, guiding me in my purification.  Thank you Crina for your loving care!

Camellia – from Burlington

I am so grateful for your expertise and support in helping me create an even better menu plan for the clients. I am humbled by your comments and honoured to have met you.

I will absolutely make the recommended changes for the fall seasonal menu change. I will send pictures periodically to show you my work.

Enza – from Mississauga

After talking to my colleague who had seen Crina before, I decided to make an appointment myself and was very happy that I did. My colleague was amazed by the stuff Crina has discovered about her health through blood analysis and she claims Crina has done wonders for her father in his breathing. I was very impressed by the knowledge, professionalism and patience Crina showed during our meetings. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to improve their overall health.

Sharon – from Oakville